Waldeinsamkeit (woodland solitude)  –– a German word that means the feeling of being alone in the woods. This word describes the general mood of this series.  In these paintings you walk into the forest alone, passing to another world where magical creatures and apparitions reside.  This imaginative world aches of a haunted past, an unknown fate and playful innocence. 

However, this is not a work of fiction, it is several metaphors based on real occurrences in my life.  They describe my fears, trauma, and insecurities - along with the development of my confidence and growth.  In my paintings, I am laying bare my subconscious self and welcoming you to my own dark forest. 

In several paintings you can see the inhabitants of my forest: wolves, foxes, black-hounds, snake and dead relatives.  They have no identifiable features, faces, or characteristics.  They are various people in my life - both present and past.  Most of these inhabitants are painted like icons or symbols — not icons to worship or praise — just reminders or warnings. 


You can read more detailed stories behind the paintings on my blog