Occasionally I ask my guests to undress. Reactions varies from confusion to excitement. Some of these people are my friends, some are complete strangers. Once I asked on Facebook if anyone would like to pose naked for me and a minute later I got a message from an unknown girl saying: "I'll be at your place in half an hour!”. True to her word, she arrived very soon after, she took off her clothes immediately, turned on some dark ambient music from her phone and said "can you make it really dark?" Oh, yes I can! I love my models! 


I like to see people full of grace and vigour and I never make them bored and tired by posing for more than three minutes. I also think this is the best time to capture the essence, the rest I can finish later. I never tell models how to pose - I enjoy seeing them free to do whatever they want. I like watching reality unfold in front of me and accept what mood and message nature brings to me. 


Gallery is being slowly updated since 2016 to the present moment.