• Marina

The Journey of My Art

Пост обновлен 15 сент. 2019 г.

All those conversations on Instagram about the ‘blue’ in my previous post made me remember one of my old watercolours. I painted it in 2016, a difficult period in my life; financially and emotionally. At this time much of my work was small scale and this work is no exception. It was a very personal piece and I didn’t want to sell it, but in 2017 I sent it to Belgium.

The new owner acknowledged receiving the watercolour, but sadly never sent a photo of it in its new home. Something that helps complete the journey of my art. When this happens it’s easy to feel that the painting just disappeared. It’s not a stipulation to follow up with a photo, I know people are busy or it’s not their thing. But, I do love to receive them.

I am always grateful for every painting sold. But occasionally, I do feel sad when losing track of my painting’s life. About 1/3 of my buyers send me photos of my works being framed and hanged on a wall. It would be so appreciated to see more!

Please, if you have an artwork by me, send a photo if you can, as it is important for me…Thank you

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