• Marina

Symbolism of the Red Rabbit

Обновлено: 15 сент. 2019 г.

Rabbits are vulnerable animals - susceptible to being attacked and preyed upon. They live in constant fear, always on guard, for they know death can come at any moment. However, ‘Red Rabbit’ is different. It has fierce yellow eyes and can see clearer and further than normal rabbits. It has long claws to defend and attack if needs be.

So why would something so vulnerable wish to be bright red - to stand out in green fields in danger of meeting wolves, snakes, and other predators? Why wouldn't ‘Red Rabbit’ camouflage itself with brown fur to blend into the environment?

Red is bold, flashy, and empowering. The 'Red Rabbit' no longer hides; it stands out brightly, uniquely, and certainly not afraid. It has experienced a lot in the forest and has escaped many dangers. Yet it still survives and is stronger and wiser than before. It understands that its brightness can attract predators - but it has sharp eyes and claws for protection. It has learned how to defend itself.

The ‘Red Rabbit’ is about confidence, empowerment, and one's own personal transformation. The ‘Red Rabbit’ represents inner strength, confidence, and courage. I call my rabbits “The Guardian Rabbits,” meaning they protect my buyers around the world and myself.

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