• Marina

Spring in Russia

I congratulate you with the first day of the calendar spring! I hope it’s already warm in your part of the world.

In Russia, our spring arrives at the end of May, or depending on your location, can arrive as late as June or July - Russia being such a vast country. Moscow, a relatively warm city is fortunate to have a temperature of just minus two degrees today (my phone says it feels like minus 10 - I have to agree). The further north you go, to cities such as Norilsk for example, can still have temperature as low minus 30.

Spring in Moscow is rather depressing, due to the temperature constantly jumping. On any giving day we can have zero, another, we have minus 10. The consequence being, trees are in no hurry to reveal their leaves, flowers firmly hold their bloom. The city around looks gray-brown as the streets are dampened with puddles and mud formed from the dirty melting snow.

But I try to stay optimistic; just three months are left before the real warm weather arrives! *sad ironic smile*. But anyway I painted this Spring Man today, oil on board 35x30 cm (13.7x11.8 in). You can own it for just €130 ($147).

Art sales make my winter days brighter. Thank you.

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