• Marina


in the middle of work

When I don’t know what to paint, I do life drawings. As Picasso said, "inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." On average, I make 10-50 sketches per day, depending on my current plans for paintings and other daily chores. In August, it was hell to stay in my melting dusty room and I worked a lot outdoors and at the end of the month, I had 2000 sketches. Now it’s cold, I stay home a lot and work mostly on big oil paintings.

I don’t like to think when in the process, I prefer to draw while completely releasing my brain and acting intuitively. I analyse, select and recycle work afterwards. It’s important for me to get pure raw expression, but I want a certain quality that can only be achieved by accumulating a lot of material. 

I like to forget about sketches and keep them piled up. It is interesting for me to look at the works after they pass through time and old piles of sketches undergo several stages of selection. First ,I remove everything I’m sure is bad, usually it’s two thirds of the pile. Then I look at what I can do with the rest and work for a while with it, putting it in a different pile. When I think it has stayed there long enough for a second judgement, I look again and remove another half. I keep repeating this reviewing-removing ritual for weeks or months. When the process of distillation is over, I’m ready to show the result. 

In these photos, you can see my sketches from the last three months. The works I don’t like I put in a big backpack and take it to the recycling centre.

piles before selection

final selection

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