• Marina

Second Love

Обновлено: 10 дек. 2018 г.

I was 13 and searching for textbooks at a “book market”, an open air place to sell used stuff for school. I was the only kid there, because my father had died and my mother was too tired from working two terrible jobs. The place was cluttered with adults and I quickly became bored until a few steps away from the turmoil, I found a flea market. ⠀ My eyes were caught up in a stand selling vinyl LPs. I was attracted by the strange covers - a man with lightbulbs on his costume, empty beds on the sea shore, a prism with a rainbow, a burning man, two huge masks in a field, the back of a big cow and a flying pig. ⠀ The whole new universe opened in front of me and there was not escape. I took as many Pink Floyd albums as I could, plus one Bach record with a beautiful organ on its cover. At home, my mother was mad at me (I can understand her now, but I didn’t care back than) - I was only upset we didn’t have a gramophone. What was inscribed in the spiral groove on the glossy black circles? I was looking at the album covers trying to imagine how it sounds like. ⠀ One day I found an old gramophone in a garbage. It was heavy and dusty, it took a while for me to carry it home. I couldn’t believe someone threw it away! I was sitting in front of it, a bit nervous. What if Pink Floyd sucks? After some doubts and consideration, I went for "Atom Heart Mother”. ⠀ At the first sounds I had a relief - this music suited the covers very well. ⠀ Thanks to the flea market I also discovered that men could be as beautiful as music. When I found a photo of Syd Barret, I could not take my eyes away. I had never seen such an elegant man before! All boys at my school looked ugly for me - sport costumes, bad manners, no signs of wit and charm. Syd became my inspiration, my “crazy diamond". As a kid I was drawing his portraits countless times, one of them you can see above. ⠀ Now I know, all albums I had were made without him and at the time I fell in love with his picture, he had already lost all his beauty. Yet he was my muse for all those lonely school years.

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