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Creating reading lists is an old habit of mine. As a teenager I loved studying, but I knew I would never make it through the official education system due to troubles at home and growing alienation from teachers, other students and my own family. Instead of going to school, I was going to libraries, looking for alternative ways to educate myself.

⠀ I had my pantheon of autodidacts, which were my virtual guides and teachers. One of such big figures for me was, and still is, the Russian poet Joseph Brodsky, who left school when he was 15. He was deeply engaged in his own self-education program, which included studying English and Polish. When later he immigrated to USA and became a professor at Columbia University, he made intimidating reading lists for his American students. He called these "lists to have a basic conversation”. 

⠀ When I first saw these, I wanted to read all the mentioned books, as I really wanted to have a “basic conversation” with my favourite poet. Many years had passed and I haven’t finished even half of his list as I’ve got my own reading lists and couldn’t talk to Brodsky anyways, as he died in 1996. But it was he who influenced and directed my own early self-education plans. 

⠀ My longest lists are always made up of the books I want to read and haven’t found yet. I have different types of them: books on art, literature, poetry, history, popular science. My current art book list contains 100 books. You can use this list as inspiration or as wish least in case you want to make me a present :)

“The impossible nude”, François Jullien

“Key Moments in Art: Art Essentials (Art Essentials)”, Lee Cheshire

"Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book By Artists and Critics”, Herschel B. Chipp

“Paul Klee: Painting Music Paperback”, Hajo Duchting 

“Paul Klee: The Abstract Dimension”,  Anna Szech

“186 Color Paintings of Paul Klee - German Surrealist Painter”, Jacek Michalak

“Grapefruit”, Yoko Ono 

"Styles, Schools and Movements”, Amy Dempsey

“Letters on Cézanne”, Rainer Maria Rilke

“History of Beauty”, Umberto Eco

“On Ugliness”, Umberto Eco

“Cinema”, Gilles Deleuze

“Just Looking: Essays on Art”, John Updike 

“Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane”,  Andrew Graham-Dixon 

“Nadja”, André Breton

“Manifestoes of Surrealism”, André Breton 

“A Book of Surrealist Games Paperback”, Alastair Brotchie  

“The Surrealism Reader: An Anthology of Ideas”, Dawn Ades

“Surrealism: Desire Unbound”, Jennifer Mundy 

“Farewell to the Muse: Love, War and the Women of Surrealism”, Whitney Chadwick  

“Monsters and Myths: Surrealism & War in the 1930s and 1940s”, Oliver Shell and Oliver Tostmann

“The Absence of Myth: Writings on Surrealism”,  Georges Bataille and Michael Richardson

“A World of Our Own-Women as Artists Since the Renaissance”, Frances Borzello

“Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity” (1995), Marc Augé

“In The Flow”, Boris Groys

“The Emancipated Spectator”, Jacques Ranciere

“The Moment of Self-portraiture in German Renaissance Art”,  Joseph Leo Koerner 

“Art and Illusion”, Gombrich

"Image of the people”, Timothy Clark

"The absolute bourgeois”, Timothy Clark

“The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and his Followers.”, Timothy Clark

"Realism”, Linda Nohlin

“Bathers, bodies, beauty : the visceral eye”, Linda Nohlin

“Representing women”, Linda Nohlin

"Issues of Gender in Cassatt and Eakins”, Linda Nohlin

“The politics of vision: essays on nineteenth-century art and society “, Linda Nohlin

“Women, art, and power, and other essays”, Linda Nohlin

"His other half: men looking at women through art’”, Wendy Lesser

“Music for Silenced Voices: Shostakovich and His Fifteen Quartets “, Wendy Lesser

“Why I Read: The Serious Pleasure of Books “, Wendy Lesser

"Rembrandt and Spinoza”, Valentiner

“The Last Years of Michelangelo “, Valentiner

”The power of images”, David Freedberg

“Art History, History in Art: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Culture.”, David Freedberg

“Iconoclasts and Their Motives. Maarssen: Gary Schwartz”, David Freedberg

 “Imagination’s Chamber: Artists and their Studios”, Michael Peppiatt with Alice Bellony Rewald

 “Van Gogh and Expressionism”, Michael Peppiatt

“Caravaggio/Bacon”, Michael Peppiatt

“Interviews with Artists (1966–2012)”, Michael Peppiatt

“ Giacometti and Sartre: A Double Portrait”, Michael Peppiatt

“Art Plural: Voices of Contemporary Art”, Michael Peppiatt

“ Joan Miró: A Painter among Poets”, Michael Peppiatt

“Photography & Surrealism”, Rosalind Krauss

“Passages in Modern Sculpture”, Rosalind Krauss

“The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths”, Rosalind Krauss

“The Optical Unconscious”, Rosalind Krauss

“The Picasso Papers”, Rosalind Krauss

“A Voyage on the North Sea: Art in the Age of the Post-Medium Condition”, Rosalind Krauss

“Formless: A User's Guide”, Rosalind Krauss with Yve-Alain Bois

“Modernists and Mavericks: Bacon, Freud, Hockney and the London Painters”, Martin Gayford

“Michelangelo: His Epic Life”, Martin Gayford

“The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Arles”, Martin Gayford

“British Figurative Art”, Martin Gayfrod

“Frank Auerbach: Speaking and Painting”, Catherine Lampert 

“London Calling: Bacon, Freud, Kossoff, Andrews, Auerbach, and Kitaj”, Elena Crippa, Catherine Lampert 

“Art and Homosexuality: A History of Ideas”, Christopher Reed

“The Pleasure of the Text”, Roland Barthes, Richard Miller

“The Barthes Effect: The Essay as Reflective Text”, Réda Bensmaïa, Pat Fedkiew

“Signs and Images. Writings on Art, Cinema and Photography: Essays and Interviews”, Roland Barthes, Chris Turner

“Listen to This”, Alex Ross 

“The Photography Book”, Editors of Phaidon Press 

“The Body and the Lens: Photography 1839 to the Present “, John Pultz 

“Photography And The Body”, John Pultz

“Stopping Time: The Photographs of Harold Edgerton”, Gus Kayafas, Estelle Jussim

“Bernd & Hilla Becher: Basic Forms”, Susanne Lange 

“A History of Photography”, Jean-Claude Lemagny, Andre Rouille

“Photography and Death”, Audrey Linkman

“Kazuo Ohno's World: from without & within”, Kazuo Ohno

“Hijikata Tatsumi and Butoh: Dancing in a Pool of Gray Grits” (Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History), B. Baird 

“A Concise History of Japan” (Cambridge Concise Histories), Brett L. Walker

“Something Wicked from Japan: Ghosts, Demons & Yokai in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces”, Ei Nakau

“Haiku: Japanese Art and Poetry” (English and Japanese Edition), Judith Patt, Barry Till, Michiko Warkentyne

“History of Japanese Art”, Penelope Mason 

“The Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore”, Michael Dylan Foster 

“Great Qing: Painting in China”, Claudia Brown

“How to Read Chinese Paintings” (The Metropolitan Museum of Art - How to Read), Maxwell K. Hearn 

“The Landscape Painting of China: Musings of a Journeyman” (Cofrin Asian Art Series), Harrie A. Vanderstappen

“Early Chinese Texts on Painting Paperback”,  Susan Bush, Hsio-yen Shih 

“Chinese Painting and Calligraphy: A Pictoral Survey”,  Wan-Go H. Weng

“Art in China” (Oxford History of Art), Craig Clunas 

“The Social Life of Inkstones: Artisans and Scholars in Early Qing China” (A Study of the Weatherhead Easet Asian Institute of Columbia University), Dorothy Ko 

“The Letters of Vincent van Gogh”. I’ve read this book many times, but only in electronic format, I would really love to have it in paper.

“Madness and modernism”, Louis Sass

“Staying Up Much Too Late”, Gordon Theisen

“Traces of India: Photography, Architecture, and the Politics of Representation, 1850-1900”, Maria Antonella Pelizzari

“Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures”, Eric Kandel


“A history of Japanese Painting (Noh Cho Gashi) by Kano Eno

“A Treasure Volume” (Bampo Zen Sho), by Ki Moto Ka Ho

“The painter’s Convenient Reference” (Goko Ben Ran), by Arai Haku Seki

“A collection of Celebrated Japanese Paintings (Ko Cho Meiga Shue E), by Hiymama Gi Shin

“Ideas on Design in Painting” (To Ga Ko), by Saito Heko Maro

“A discourse on Japanese Painting (Honcho Gwa San), by Tani Buncho

“Important Reflections on All Kinds of Painting” (Gwa Jo Yo Ryaku), by Arai Kayo

“A Treatise on Famous Japanese Paintings” (Fu So Mei Gwa Den), by Hour Nap Kaku

“Observations on Ancient Pictures” (Ko Gwa Bi Ko), by Asa Oka Kotei.

“A Treatise on Famous Painters” (Ko Gwa Bi Ko), by Ko Shitsu Ryo Chu

“A Treatise on Japanese Painting” (Yamato Nishiki Kem Bun Sho), by Kuro Kama Shun Son

“A Treatise on the Laws of Painting” (Gwafu), by Ran Sai, a pupil of Chinanpin

Cho Chu Gwa FU, by Chiku To

She Zan Gakugwa Hen, by Buncho

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