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So what does it mean? In this post I will explain why Patreon is very important to me and how you can participate.

1) What is Patreon about?

It is a website where you can set up monthly donation to your favourite artist. It can be just 1$.

2) What’s the use for patrons?

Patrons will get monthly rewards such as:

- access to patron-only content - high-quality downloads of my works - process/behind-the-scenes videos - monthly patron-only lifestream - drawings and paintings to patrons who donate more than 20$

I also think it’s nice and noble to support art :)

You can donate in exchange for rewards or just donate (in case you don’t want to get a new drawing every month)

3) Why do artists need Patreon?

To be a professional artist you have to do it full time. But despite sales and exhibitions, even famous artists have months of no income whatsoever. For me periods like this are critical - I have no money to pay my rent, I have nowhere to live and I literally starve. It makes me very depressed, my health get worse and I can’t paint. If at least half of my followers and online friends sent me 1$ every month, that would make my life much easier.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask!

Don't forget to press the 'become a patron' button :)


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