• Marina

Old Dreams

Recently, I found a ‘dream’ diary dating back to 2011. At the time of writing I thought it would be interesting to keep a daytime diary to compare. In comparison my daytime activities paled into insignificance against the contrast of my night visions. An example entry in the daytime diary: "Today it is cold again, I want to sleep all day”.


Aliens abduct us to their earth like planet; much cleaner, always summer and technologically superior. The planet is ruled by a King and Queen who have divided the planet into two sectors. Abductees with technical education are sent to the first sector, all others to the second. The second sector, ruled by the Queen, essentially serves the first and resembles a prison. My husband is sent to the King, Whilst I become an inmate.

All day I monotonously assembled weird mechanisms. In the evening, everyone heads straight to bed, but this time I manage to take a walk. The nature here is amazing! Walking a long way among tall trees I reach some barbed wire behind where the winter forest suddenly begins. Huge snowflakes fall smoothly on rolling snowdrifts. I notice an opening in the fence and move towards it. At the same time a huge wolf comes out of the darkness to meet me. I put my hand on his forehead and for a while we communicate; I don't remember what he said to me.

When I return to the compound, the guards punish me.


I walk through the forest and see the shedded skin of a snake. I assemble the figure of a woman from stones and throw this skin over her. The edifice comes to life.


I'm sitting in someone's apartment, there are many acquaintances from my previous years. Many are drinking, plays guitars and smoking weed. I’m terribly sleepy, but told that I can only go to bed if I turn off the lights in the Night Pharmacy; I’m given the keys. I venture out onto the street as two human skulls roll towards me. I decide that they should accompany me to the Night Pharmacy. Instead we just wander through the centre of Moscow, the night lights flicker. I worry that I will not have enough sleep before rising for work.


I dreamt that I’m walking in the garden at night. As I wonder, in the distance I notice the flickering of flames. I move towards the fire and it becomes clear that the ground to which an apple tree is rooted is aflame. The fire soar upwards but the tree does not burn. The fruit fall loudly, hissing and immediately burning up. Some bounce slightly charred outside this circle of fire. This is how a mother kills her children.

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