• Marina

My Room, part two

Обновлено: 2 окт. 2018 г.

Trams and cars are roaring under my window and it feels like the whole building is shaking with the rhythm of metal wheels on the sleepers. Fragments of conversation fly to me from my alcoholic neighbours: “you piece of shit cocksucker asshole”, “shut up, you pee hole bit of dandruff”. People are smoking under my window, pollution from the road swirls around with cigarette smoke and makes me cough. 

I’m still ill and observing my tiny domain from the height of my tree bed. This apartment can’t be called “comfortable” by any modern standards, but I can sleep and work here, so what else do I need?  I wasn’t complaining in my last post - I like my place. I used to be homeless and I know life could be much worse, but I do get tired sometimes.

I hitchhiked to Moscow as a high school dropout and some of my friends from those vagrancy days have since died. But even in the hardest of times I never thought about going back to my home town, even for a second! Moscow is the most expensive but also the most cultural city in Russia. Even when you’re flat broke, you can still go to exhibitions, museums, concerts, free lectures - the city has a lot to offer! And for me, a life without culture doesn’t make sense, so I’m staying here by all means. 

I rent this room for almost three years, and it’s hard - I’ve got chronic insomnia from the noises, problems with my respiratory system from the smells&dust and I constantly feel a heaviness in my lungs, as if they are stuffed with sand. However, I also do my art full time, when I’m not ill, and this is a blessing. (the problem is I almost always ill, because I've got chronic lung irritation from living here)



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