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Home Workouts

My relationship with fitness is complicated as my body has numerous limitations. I was born with connective tissue dysplasia, and as a result, I have symptoms of arthritis, scoliosis, along with being susceptible to hernias. My ligaments are fragile and can bend in unnatural directions, this allows my joints to move beyond their natural limits, easily injured when exercise. Dysplasia, due to its precursor meaning is also associated with depression and anxiety. 

With these concerns it’s difficult and dangerous for me to join fitness groups, take dancing lessons, to cycle, run or even take a long walk. My best option is to have classes with a personal trainer, but it's too expensive.  So it’s solo for me. In the beginning it was difficult for me to train because, without the correct knowledge I would injure myself.  However, perseverance and hard work gradually won over and I manage to maintain a good regime and keep in shape despite these boundaries. 

Exercising at home – My conclusions:

1. It is better to do one exercise every day, then don't exercise at all.

2. It is better to train in the morning.  This way there is less chance you will skip it, you have more energy and it’s also a good time to plan you day. 

3. You can exercise ANYWHERE.  I work and sleep in a small room and every evening I clear the paintings and sketches from the floor, place my rug and dumbbells, and I’m ready for my workout immediately I wake. 

I often workout to videos, these help, as they have a lot of advantages — you can skip exercises, which you find unsafe, you can listen to instructions, as many times as necessary and you don’t have to go anywhere.  This is especially important during this time of quarantine. I have many favorite video bloggers and the following links are the workouts that I use right now:


Easy leg workout, no squats or lunges, great for bad knees.

A good video explaining how to workout with bad knees ranging from simple to complex exercises.


The following link is an easy workout for your back. I use as a warm-up before I continue with my own program.  I use this one also if I have limited time.

A useful video explaining how to get rid of pain from scoliosis.


Quick simple workout for hands with dumbbells.

Quick easy workout with resistance bands — my favourite piece of equipment. 


Good abs workout for beginners. 

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