• Marina

Healthy Eating

My 2019 New Years resolution was to start eating healthy, and now I can say ‘Mission Accomplished’. If you’re a follower of my posts you’ll know I grew up in poverty, in later life homeless. As a result my eating habits were lacking and I’ve had digestive problems since an early age. After turning thirty it become chronic and cramps could be so intense, sometimes I simply couldn’t eat.

So, putting things in order became a priority. I read books, enrolled on-line to Coursera classes relating to health and nutrition and visited specialist doctors. I have gastritis, duodenitis, pancreatitis, lactose intolerance and IBS. All of this limits my food choices making it hard to create a proper nutrition plan. Sadly, I also had to stop being vegan. It turned out that plant-based protein makes me sick and I have to eat lean meat like codfish and turkey.

I always related cooking as kitchen slavery and it was a problem too. In Russia women and girls were always forced to cook and serve (even after a full days work), while men and boys could enjoy themselves. I never liked this gender imbalance and the fact that I spend much of time cooking still bothers me. However, over the time I have found inspiration in Japanese aesthetics. It surprised me that treatises on Japanese art also have chapters about Japanese meals, which are as much a feast for the eyes as a treat for the taste buds. Japanese aesthetic principles are now my guides for cooking and somehow this juxtaposition puts me in peace with my kitchen servitude.

My shared kitchen is pitiful which you can see on the last picture in this post. It looks depressing, it doesn’t have a dishwasher and other technical advances. Plus, I have flatmates who can leave their mess only adding to my challenge!

Despite these limitations I have keep to my ‘New Years Resolution’ and cook healthy meals every day. It didn’t cure all my digestive problems, but it did put things in perspective and provided control. Something I’m very proud of.

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