• Marina

First Seven Jobs

1) I got my first job at the age of 11, right after my father had died. After school, I was working as a scrubwoman in my district - it was probably the most humiliating job I’ve ever had. My schoolmates and other children with whom I used to play would see me cleaning their stairs, windows and courtyards. They would laugh at me every time, some of them even made courtyard more dirty by spitting on it or leaving garbage there so as to see me cleaning all their shit. I think it was then that was my childhood completely ended.

2) In the same year, in the summer holiday, in addition to cleaning I got work distributing flyers on streets. I hated every child with ice-cream, because I was working all summer to buy bread.

3) At the age of 12, in my next lovely childhood summer I worked as a courier.

4) The following year, I started to work in advertisements. I tried to sell ‘mineral water’ to people. I think most of them were buying it just in pity for me.

5) At the age of 14, I was selling juice in shops. I had a table where I invited people for degustation and then sell them this juice. When I didn’t have much customers, I tried to do my homework under this table, which was hard because there was always some ugly Russian pop music playing. I also tried to steal some juice for home. It was such a delicacy for me!

6) The same year, I switched to selling beer. I still wonder how people allowed me to advertise it, I was far from 18! But no one cared. So, I was put in different shops and I had to wear short dress and makeup and got far too much attention from men, which was very annoying. But I also got more money and that was important, because I wasn’t working for pocket money and fun, I was working for my family, in order to buy some food.

7) At the age of 15 in addition to my other jobs I’ve managed to got a small part time job at a local newspaper! The thing was all this years I was writing a lot of social satire and notes of young misanthrope. Writing, drawing and reading - were my only true friends. All my free time I was spending enjoying or creating art. Therefore I’ve got some skills.  But this job wasn’t lasting long, because when director found out I was just 15, he fired me. That’s interesting that at the same time no one fired me from selling beer.

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