• Marina


Обновлено: 15 сент. 2019 г.

Recently I found this picture of a fifteen-year-old me (on the left). I’m pleased to acknowledge that my nose and eyes grew bigger and that I’ve quit smoking, though I’m sad to see my curls have disappeared. But while I mourn the loss of my curls, 30 suits me better.

As a teenager I suffered constantly from depression, mainly stemming from troubles at home and school. I recall spending many a night on the street, feeding myself from what I could find in the garbage of others. I drank, smoked and consumed all available drugs (that’s if I got them for free, and I got plenty because I hung out with street musicians). Together with bad habits, I left behind a couple of religious sects, self-harm, and three suicide attempts.

Sometimes, as I’m sure it does for many, it seems that I have lived two different lives. I guess It’s important to remind myself of this when I feel my personal development is going too slow.

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