• Marina


I promised to make a video about my Butoh drawing sessions and finally I made it. Now, when I watch it over it looks so slow, but when I’m in the process time flies.

I tried to draw dancers before, during performances and in training, but for me it was too fast. A year ago I found those drawing sessions performed by “Poema Theatre” and since then I’m a devoted visitor. They call it “Scores of movement” in analogy of musical scores.

Since I discovered this club, it has become a source of inspiration and enjoyment for me. Even on gloomy cold winter evenings, I find the energy to get to other part of Moscow to draw them. I accumulated so many studies during this time, that I plan to make an exhibition next year. The scores are waiting to be played!

Meanwhile I want to remind you that there are still a few copies of my Limited edition book about Butoh dancers available for immediate international shipping. To see more information and read the story behind the book please visit this page

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