• Marina


“A Real Time Piece” is an early work by British artist Darren Almond. He installed a live video camera in his studio in West London, which broadcasted the video to an exhibition in the gallery for 24 hours. At that time, there was nobody in the studio and nothing happened there, except for the ominous passage of time. The effect was enhanced by the fact that every minute on the flip clock emitted a loud bang.

The theme of time will constantly appear in his later works, such as “The Fullmoon”, “Six Months Later”, “Infinite Betweens” and “Sometimes Still”. But to me, “A Real Time Piece” seems like the most eerie and disturbing. Probably because it shows the artist’s workshop in which nothing happens, just as now nothing happens in my room and I’m watching how precious minutes of my life dissolve into nothingness.

A piece of this video can be seen in Matthew Collins's film “This Is Modern Art”, the episode begins at 36:30.

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