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I arrived at my new place when the day was wearing towards its close. Behind me were yoga institute, days in crazy ashram and a lot of weird stories. Finely I was at a calm safe place in a house with some Russian longstayers. 

The following morning I did my morning exercises and went for a walk with one girl from the house. We immersed ourselves into the fringes of greenery and came to a cliff with a view on the wide blue of the ocean. Huge waves were breathing, sucking down, then boiling back with a loud hissing sound. I have never seen such high, mountainous waves. I was mesmerised.

Meanwhile my new friend realised that she was late for something and disappeared immediately. And I stayed alone somewhere with absolutely no idea where I was. And I had no phone, no address and no money. I tried to use my visual memory. But I just lost myself more deeply in the maze of this unknown village. 

It was the middle of the day and a hot haze hugged over the whole. I wandered around for a considerable amount of time and became tired and thirsty. I met some local people, but they all looked unfriendly and didn’t speak any English. But anyway I didn’t even know what exactly I could ask them…At the time the sun was gazing down like an angry eye and rays of heat fell heavily on my uncovered head.

 I continued to walk around and after some time I noticed a little temple surrounded by trees. There was a big figure of Kali at the main gate. I stopped and began to observe this statue. This wilde violent goddess  always excites my curiosity. It was a new temple with a bad style and architecture. But even this very poor example of art contained glimpses of the powerful symbol of Kali.

 I wasn’t sure if I could go into the temple in my shirt and I just peeped in. At the square in front of the temple was only one old indian woman. She smiled warmly to me and said ‘come, come!’. I went into the shade of the temple. The woman didn’t speak much English, but somehow we had a little chat. She gave me water, fruits and delicious homemade cookies. It was a very nice lunch and I felt much better. I tried to explain to her, that I was lost and i didn’t know where I was. 

She said ‘ok, ok’ and went to the bookcase, brought one old huge book, opened it and started to sing. It was obvious to me that she didn’t really understand me. But it was very nice in the temple and I sat not far from her, crossed my legs and began to listen. She sang very beautifully in Sanskrit. I listened and watched the silent life of the temple. This place looked empty only at a first glance. There were only two humans - me and this woman, but there also were plenty of other creatures. Many crows were roaming about, a lot of different insects were busy stealing prasāda from idols, lizards were creeping on the walls and I even saw one beautiful snake. 

Soon I plugged into a deep contemplation and my problems receded into the background. When she finished her song, she turned her head towards me, pointed at my svastikasana and said ‘nice posture’ and then ‘do padmasana!’ I did and she became very happy, clapped me and cried ‘yogacharia, yogacharia’. Then she asked me to do more asanas and she became more and more happy, because I did everything she asked. (luckily for me, she didn’t ask anything really difficult). 

Then she said ‘i sing, you asana’ And she started to sing and I started to do my practice under the roof of Kali temple. There was a very nice shady platform for yoga practice. Sometimes she raised her head from a book, shook her black chevelure, looked at the platform and smiled at me.

When we finished our practices we had a little chat again. She showed me books with pictures of indian Gods and asked me about their names. I named them all, because I’m quite familiar with indian mythology. She became even more happy. 

Then she asked me what I would ask God if I suddenly met him. I said that if I met him, I probably would be not able to speak and I would just be scared and silent. She laughed loudly and said ‘good, good’.

I can’t say we had a proper conversation, but it seems to me, that we had a tacit understanding about some subjects. Then once more I tried to explain that I was lost and I didn’t know where my home was. She smiled again and said that I needed to pray to Lord Shiva and he would help me. I thought ‘ok, it looks like I don’t have any other option’.

And we started to sing together, she sang one line and I repeated. After chanting she painted a point on my forehead and said that now I could find my way home. Than she smiled again with her infectious radiant smile and said ‘beauty, beauty’.

When I went on the road a sudden breeze blew cool on my face, I walked a little and then noticed one turn which seemed familiar. I turned and after few minutes found my home.

(This story was initially written in 2014 during my couchsurfing travels in India - I edited and rewrote it today)

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