In 2003 I left home and hitchhiked to Moscow. Since then and for many years onward I was either completely homeless, or lived in hippie communes or in squatted buildings. Sometimes I managed to rent half of a room or even a whole room, but not for long. 


Lack of space and stability in life shaped my artworks of this time.  I drew mostly on office paper with a pencil or a pen, which I stole from occasional jobs I had. When opportunity arose  I tinted them with coloured pencils. In my artistic pursuit of those years I was inspired my surrealists, Northern Renaissance and book illustrators, such as Gustave Doré. 


Many of those pictures began as sketches of odd places where I slept and people I met there. After drawing first lines from nature, my imagination took me  in completely different directions. But you can see traces of the bleak reality underneath fictional surface. Some of the works of this period also express my desire to find peace and balance in the marginalised world I lived in. In some way my drawings are illustrations of my complicated biography


In 2009 I became seriously ill and stopped making art for the next two years. I slowly came back to work in 2011 with the series called “Innocence and Experience”