€4 ($5)

Tote Bags

The bag has Organic and FairTrade certificates, made with renewable energy sources, with all measures taken to minimize material waste and reduce harm to the environment.. The fashion label “EarthPositive” is sewn on the side. 

Size: 36 x 42 x 8 cm, the height of the handles is 28 cm and a comfortable size to wear over the shoulder. Density: 170 g / m2 

€30 ($35), shipping worldwide 


One of my most popular paintings is now available as a retro accessory and looks fabulous. So whether you’re simply taking a short tea break or relaxing over a well earned coffee you can do it in style. 

Mugs are suitable for use in the dishwasher. Dimensions 8 (height) x 8.5 cm (width, excluding the handle). Volume 300 ml.

€22 ($24), shipping worldwide. 

Phone Cases

In this photo, you can see my new phone case having survived several weeks of using it. I’m a bit clumsy, so the case has experienced a real ‘life’ crush test and even fell from my tree bed once. But I’m so happy to report it’s still in perfect condition - no scratches and the illustration looks as new.  I can now confidently show it off here and safely announce that my Rabbit phone cases are being added to my merchandise collection.

For now I can only make them upon request, if you’re interested, send me your phone model to: 

Price is €30 ($35) 


People seem to love these notebooks, telling me about their many different uses: drawing, classnotes and diaries. I’ve also been asked for different sizes. So I’ve listened and made new notebooks in two new dimensions - 14.8 х 21 cm (5.8 x 8.2 in) and 10.5 х14.8 cm (4.1 x 5.8 in). ⠀

Due to the wholesale purchase now, I’m able to make them more affordable! More sizes, a better price – what’s not to like: the small notebook is $5 and the big one $10. (My previous notebooks cost $20). ⠀

So now you too can take the Red Rabbits on an adventure, which of course, I want to hear all about! ❤️ ⠀

For purchasing, please, contact me at


I like to see how my ‘Red Rabbits’ have been loved, travelled and building warrens around the world. With this in mind, I created some vinyl sticker packs that can be added to books, fridges, walls, cups or plates; In fact stuck anywhere. They are very durable, will hold their colour and will even survive washing in hot water. Brighten your day up with The Guarding Rabbits, Hazel, Moon Gazer, or Fiver. Thank you.

You can buy it for €4 ($5), shipping worldwide.

For purchasing, please, contact me at

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