The process of painting in watercolour is similar to when an image appears on a photo paper. When developing a photograph, we receive a visible image from a hidden one. I did the same thing with watercolour, using another type of sensitive material, emerging things from my subconscious. The way that watercolour reacts and blends with the paper mimics the way that memories and emotions blend and overlap in the mind. The unpredictability of the medium is also an important aspect of my process, as it allows for unexpected and serendipitous results that can add an element of surprise and spontaneity to my paintings.

The final image, like a developed photograph, emerges from the layers of paint and the imagination. It is a reflection of my inner world and the hidden emotions that shape my understanding of the world. My watercolour paintings are not only a representation of what I see but also of what I feel and what I want to express. They are a visual manifestation of my inner thoughts and emotions.