I started this series when I became homeless for the second time in my life. This explains the small format of the work - I neither had the strength nor the private space and the money for the bigger pieces. Withal, I had to sell my camera to get some cash. Before that, I did a lot of photography and I missed this activity. At this time watercolour painting replaced my occupation with taking pictures. 


The process of painting in watercolour became similar to me to when an image appears on photo paper. When developing a photograph, we receive a visible image from a hidden one. I did the same thing with watercolour, using another type of sensitive material, emerging things from my subconscious.


I liked to create those pictures in a darkened room, under the dim light of a table lamp. I used a strong, moist surface and the colours spread and control over the final result is lost. Instead of painting watercolour pictures, I allowed them to appear.